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What We Are Doing

Billy Blue College of Design

Billy Blue is a vibrant, active and involved community of design practice. Design is very good for today’s world

Design in contemporary society is a complex conversational process that searches for great ideas to solve wicked problems. This process needs hard thinking and sweaty persistence to hatch brainstorms and then craft them to build great brands, campaigns, interactions, spaces or wearable products. Through the influence of the Internet and shifting consumption habits, design is now the crucial commercial edge in the world of business, user experience, arts and culture, government and social engineering

The deeper problems of today’s world require the ideas of individuals and collaborative communities to produce sustainable and meaningful systems, projects and objects. Design, now more than ever, is so much more than decoration and pretty pictures. It’s all about generating ideas as the key currency in solving a wide range of holistic commercial endeavours. It’s renewable; user focused and still has the ability to create wonderful aesthetic innovation. In short, design can still change the world.

Just a few of the projects we're working on:

  • Live briefs
  • Competitions
  • Work opportunities
  • Internships, including BB Hatch program
  • Industry mentors
  • Guest speakers
  • Careers advice/info
  • Industry Association Memberships
  • Co-ordination/collaboration of industry aligned exhibitions, events and projects
  • Industry Partnership Program
  • Alumni network
  • Industry marketing opportunities
  • Open Day
  • Orientation
  • Think Design Annual Exhibition
  • The Festival of Change
  • The Hall of Fame
  • Designer Directory
  • Portfolio Reviews