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Lulu Ruttley|Strategic Projects Manager

Sydney-based graphic designer, creative director, lecturer and strategic project manager (Billy Blue College of Design). Lulu Ruttley is on an evolving journey to develop a holistic approach to her craft. Combining her experience on a broad range of national and international design projects and more recently as a lecturer and strategic project manager at one of Sydney’s premier design colleges she is fascinated by joining the dots between culture and commerce. Known as a collector of creatives and enabler of community, her work has featured in a collection of visual communication projects, exhibitions, presentations/seminars, and publications. To date Lulu has founded three creative companies and is currently working on launching her fourth . And if this cosmic super being wasn’t busy enough already she plans to add to a growing list of achievements by taking on more academia in the form of studying a Masters of Design.

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Timothy Jackson|Senior Designer

Timothy Jackson has attempted many things during a short professional career, including but not limited to, attempting perilously to fit into skinny jeans, holding his breath in the bathtub for more than 45 seconds, and his latest challenge, trying to become the best 'footpather' (and obviously a word makerupper). However, the rest of his day to day life is completely unrelated to anything bathtub making or any kind of exemplary footpath activity. He is in fact a multi disciplinary designer and photographer, with a background in Communication Design. Currently working at Billy Blue College of Design, his stint there began after graduating from studying a Bachelor in Visual Communications at Billy Blue, and was whisked away immediately as a Designer by the insightful Lulu Ruttley. Using this as the foundation for his choice in practices, Tim has also branched out into other forms of design including installation design being apart of exhibitions including 'Who Shot the Serif' and 'A Love Brief'. For the last three years Timothy has also been adding another skill to his repertoire, photography, specialising in environmental and landscape photography.