5 Things I learned from attending Open Day that changed how I thought about Billy Blue at Torrens University, and why you should attend too

18 April 2018

nina starkey

Charlotte Brader - Bachelor of Branded Fashion with Bachelor of Business, Brisbane

1. You Understand The Community

It is not until you step foot onto a Billy Blue at Torrens campus that you realise how personal your education experience will be. When you see how staff and students engage in person you will truly understand the benefit of small classes and how this facilitates valuable relationships between students, as well as between students and lecturers.

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2. You Will Meet Important Individuals

Meeting your course and career advisor is important. They are one of your main go-to people for any questions or issues you have before, during and after studying. It gives them an opportunity to meet you and understand how they can best help you for when you begin your journey with Torrens.

You will meet older students who can guide you if you have any issues whilst at university. Students are the most honest and informative individuals you can meet before you commit to any degree. You may also make lifelong friends with the person behind you in line for (seriously great!) coffee.

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3. You Discover Opportunities That You Only Know About, If You’re In The Know

Billy Blue at Torrens offers a vast array of opportunities to students that aren’t necessarily publicised beyond campus walls. You may have stumbled across information regarding scholarships, but come meet a scholarship student and hear about the application process. Or chat to a design student about a recent study tour they attended overseas. Did you know almost all Billy Blue/Torrens lecturers still work in the real world and can help align you with work experience or real life clients while you are still studying? Come see what adventures and experiences you can discover.

4. You Will Understand The Layout Of The Campus

Which makes week one extremely less stressful! You can also see the facilities on offer. This is particularly important if you are a student who needs to catch public transport to university as Open Day can be your test run.

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5. You Will Feel More At Ease

University is a somewhat daunting experience for most individuals. At Open Day you will discover your support network, familiarise yourself with the university and understand that you have flexibility and choice within your studies. Open day is when you discover the structure of courses and what individual models may be like. In many Verticals (or faculties), you have core subjects that you must undertake to complete your degree. Some are major specific, but often it is the electives you choose that determine whether you graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Sports Science) or Bachelor of Business (Marketing). At Torrens your degree is malleable, and hearing from students and staff about how the system works will always be more valuable than anything you find online.

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If you’re still on the fence, come in for some free coffee and goodies and I guarantee you will leave informed and excited about joining Torrens and Billy Blue!

Learn more about our courses at our Open Day on Saturday 4th August.