6 Reasons why creativity is an important skill in the workplace

22 August 2018

Creative thinking is vital to the growth and success of any organization. The world is becoming increasingly complex and businesses are well aware of the payoff in simplicity. Famous educationalist and creativity expert Ken Robinson believes that “creativity nowadays is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”

Here are just a few reasons why creativity is critical to any workplace.

  1. Creativity leads to better work

    Amazing ideas never come from “we’ve always done it this way.” Innovative ideas happen when we try new things and pave new paths. Creative thinking leads to new opportunities.

  2. Creative organisations are more profitable

    Individuals who are creative are more likely to work effectively within budgets. They are also able to harness the creativity within the organization to improve or invent new and more efficient ways of working. They are essentially the star of any organisation!

  3. Creativity boosts team cohesion

    When individuals have the room to brainstorm new ideas, it enhances cross team relationships and promotes team bonding. This is in turn increases workplace engagement, nurtures friendships and boosts staff morale.

  4. Higher staff retention

    A business will quickly become an attraction for talented and workers when word gets out that the company has a great culture. Creativity encourages employees to learn more by seeking multiple options, ideas, and solutions for the business.

  5. Creativity removes the fear of failure

    A lot of us have been taught to avoid failure. However, no one can succeed without failing. It is a critical component to any great success because of the lessons learned in the process. A key component of fostering a creative environment is giving people the freedom to fail. The fear of failure cripples creative environments and limits the flow of new ideas which ultimately reduces productivity. Failure that arises in the pursuit of new ideas should be celebrated. This encourages innovative thinking, and it’s through innovation that new productivity heights are realized.

  6. Creativity lowers stress

    Stress is a costly side-effect of any organisation. On the other hand, creativity induces positive health effects. Many studies have shown the decrease in cortisol levels when a person is engaged in a creative pursuit. The reason is when you create something new you use your imagination and focus on your inner experience (feelings, perceptions, and imagination). In fact, Art Therapy was born out of exactly that!

    So, the question is, what are you doing to improve your creativity skills?

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