Blog #4 New Horizon by Communication Design International Student Swenja Huners

04 December 2017
Communication Design International Student Swenja Huners


The End of a Chapter

I remember when I just arrived in Melbourne and twelve weeks seemed to be a long time to go. Now they’re over already and I don’t really know where time has been. This chapter of my life went so quickly that I wasn’t even able to make new plans for the next one but nonetheless I can give you a flashback on my last weeks as exchange student in Australia.

At the beginning I thought I will have to offer a lot of time for my studies but actually my work was pretty time consuming and because I had a nightshift job it was really hard to have a normal day routine sometimes. I couldn’t really meet my friends as I was just free in the day time where other people have to work and when you wake up late there is not a lot of time for getting your stuff done. The good thing was that I had the assessment brief from Torrens University that gave me the best overview on what I have to get done for to the week. That was a big help for me as I could plan my day better and I had less stress as there was plenty time to finish my work. Every week I got a feedback from my lectures so I could improve my work for the next week and after week eleven I was finally finished and satisfied with what I have created with the help of all. I have learned way more than I have expected not only in expanding my horizon in the creative world but also in finding my way of design. Especially the subject “Portfolio” helped me a lot to discover my strengths and in which field I want to work in. I had to deal with my self brand development so that I made a U-turn in just eleven weeks. My design work from the beginning was just the start of an awesome journey I made. I’ve discovered so much more about me and design in general that I have found a brand strategy for myself which gives me the best opportunity to start in my design career. I am really grateful that I had the chance to work with these people who gave me the best once in a life time experience that will always be one big chapter of my life.

Besides the university I was able to discover Australia a little bit more. As this is my third time and this country already I wasn’t to curious anymore but there where still a few things that attracted my attention. One of them was to make a roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road.

Communication Design International Student Swenja Huners

As I mentioned already there was not a lot of free time for me at the beginning because living in Australia is expensive and I needed to work a lot. But finally I had a week off and that was my chance! Meeting people in Australia is easy - especially in Melbourne where so many events going on where backpackers love to go and meet new people - and that’s how I found my travel buddy. Being spontaneous is also part of humans character here so it just took one day and we were on the road! Making a road trip is more about the trip itself rather then to be a tourist and do sightseeing. Playing loud music in the car, singing and enjoying the ride - that is what it is about. Camping on a campground next to the ocean, having long talks while watching the sky full of stars and listen to the sound of the waves. It was so nice to go out of the city and enjoy the beautiful nature of Australia. After one day we arrived at our target: the twelve apostles - and ta daaa - we couldn’t see nothing because there were just too much fog! But just as I said, it is not about the things you will see but more about the experience you make. So we just nodded with our heads and jumped back into the car to drive to the Grampians. That was the best part of the whole trip for me as we hiked up the mountains and I really enjoyed the physical effort - another thing I was missing in Melbourne. Up on the mountains we could enjoy a stunning view about Australia’s bush lands. All in all that was the best weekend I had so far since I arrived here even the cows and sheep were the biggest attraction on the way. It is just such a nice feeling to be on the road when you are living in a big city.

Now I have a few more weeks in Australia until my travel trough Asia will start. Summer has started and there is still a lot of things to discover. I don’t know where the future will bring me but I know I will always be exactly where I want to be. I want to thank everybody for this opportunity given to me and those people who made this stay so awesome!

Communication Design International Student Swenja Huners

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