Don’t second guess, secure by design: Micro-credentials with Billy Blue

13 January 2020

Don’t second guess. Is your software secure?

There’s a real difference between top Software Engineers and those just skating by. The very best are those that commit to career development, but it can be hard whilst you’re working to fit that kind of learning in.

Enter micro-credentials. These qualifications are rising in popularity, largely in thanks to the fact that they take just 6 weeks to complete – perfect for working professionals unable to commit to a degree right now. Cyber security is one of the most pressing concerns of our time; so if you want to upskill in the field of Software Engineering, Secure by Design 1 is right for you.

What’s changed in 2020 in cyber security?

As technology advances, so does the risk to your systems. Our increased reliance on technology poses challenges, and being able to counter security risks to hardware, software and electronic data is becoming increasingly important. Everything we code, build and otherwise create will have vulnerabilities – and we need to learn to approach this from the beginning of every project.

What does this micro-credential cover?

The concept of security by design means designing software with the primary purpose of being secure. You’ll learn all about the techniques used in this approach, and throughout the course you’ll discover the importance of integrating a secure environment into the entire development lifecycle of IT systems. You’ll cover secure design methodologies, software development models, architecture design and industry standards such as OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

How will this course help you in your role?

At the end of the course, you’ll have elevated knowledge and be able to demonstrate capabilities to incorporate security requirements in system specifications, design, development and testing phases of software. Plus, you’ll be able to show that you can implement appropriate security controls, security risk mitigation approaches, and secure design architecture principles. Finally, you’ll understand Secure Development Lifecycle models and identify an appropriate model for a given situation.

Regardless of your existing knowledge, this will certify beyond doubt that you’re serious about security.

Why should you study this micro-credential with Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia?     

This 6-week course is online and fully self-directed, so it’s a brilliant way to upskill quickly around your other commitments such as work. Plus, our micro-credentials are stackable, meaning this could credit toward a larger qualification.


You can find out more here – including costs, details about scholarships and our start dates.