History buff to Interiors icon. Introducing Sibella Court, Billy Blue’s 2020 Interior Design ambassador.

04 February 2020

Globetrotter, curator, shopkeeper, author but most notably, interior designer, Sibella Court is a leader in the Australian design industry and a talented entrepreneur. Billy Blue College of Design is excited to announce Sibella Court as our 2020 Ambassador. We’re looking forward to working closely with Sibella and her company, The Society inc, and to bring our students internship opportunities, scholarships and insider knowledge of the interior design industry throughout 2020.

Keen to know more about the formidable and fierce, Sibella Court?

She has always been interested in visual storytelling (a mutual passion) and has a history degree and 25 years of experience under her belt. While at uni, Sibella embarked on an internship with Vogue (another thing we have in common) which opened the door to working with Vogue Living and Vogue Entertainment & Travel. Soon after, she travelled the world with magazines and advertising agencies, using her talents as a stylist and New York as her home base for 10 years.

After that exquisite decade, Sibella decided to move back to sunny Australia to start her own company, The Society inc, and published her first book, Etcetera. With a wealth of various life and cultural experiences behind her, the company grew and new departments were established to cover many arms of interior design. Sibella used her passions to guide her decisions and keeps sustainability at the forefront of her mind.

It seems her love of history knows no bounds which makes being sustainable slightly easier. Searching for antiques that have stories of their own while simultaneously being upcycled to add depth to a space is something she loves, however materials that get more beautiful with age is where Sibella always starts her design process.

Six books, an ABC television show, several trips to India for an expanding product range and a Rigg Design Prize nomination later... Sibella has never lost her zeal. Why? Sibella states it’s because she doesn’t stop learning and draws on her passions when designing so it never feels like work.

Hear about her journey to a design icon below in a video from our recent Virtual Open Day.  After you’ve been suitably inspired, download the 2020 interior design course guide. The only decision you’ll have next … commercial or residential interiors? Which career path will you choose?

Stay tuned for more about our collaboration with Sibella. In the meantime, check out our Interior Design courses or download a course guide.