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The world needs intelligent, creative people with practical experience. Graduate from Billy Blue College of Design, and you’ll land a career where you’re getting paid to do something you love. As a designer you’ll earn a great living and never have to face a boring day in the office. From branded fashion to communication design, digital media design and interior design, we can help you find your path.

A career in communication design

Explore courses in communication design

Quench your thirst for visual design knowledge, new experiences and feed your creativity with an exciting career in communication design. Create publications, packaging and screen-based visual messages for a range of audiences.Your sound understanding of text and image-based communication will also extend to developing branding and visual information solutions through the use of symbols, colours and photography. Prepare concept mock-ups and present project outcomes to live clients. Incorporate an entrepreneurial approach to visual communication design and breath from one exciting deadline to the next!

A career in branded fashion design

Explore courses in branded fashion design

Be part of the new generation of fashion designers, buyers, merchandise store planning and product developers who create fresh, inspiring, imaginative designs – then develop and produce them for commercial success. Manage the production of clothing designs to meet project budgets and timelines, and be across brand trends, 2D and 3D imaging, project management, garment construction, while understanding the history, culture and theory of design.

A career in digital media design

Explore courses in digital media design

Get ahead in some of the world's biggest and fastest growing creative industries. Consider a career in 3D design and animation, where you’ll bring to life characters, worlds and stories for film, TV, games, advertising, entertainment, education and more. Explore a career in interaction design, pushing the boundaries by shaping and expanding the frontiers of our digital world as you craft online, web, mobile and interactive experiences for commerce, entertainment, information and beyond. Make your mark with a career in motion design, creating compelling moving image stories as you satisfy the ever-increasing need for video, film and motion graphics content across all sectors of the economy. Or take a bite of all of these areas to learn how they work together and forge your own innovative, interdisciplinary path. Whatever path you choose you’ll be blazing a trail – you’ll explore new and emerging technologies where creativity, storytelling and analytical thinking are the main drivers, and the sky is the limit.

A career in interior design

Explore courses in commercial and interior design

Are you drawn to the way form and function can be used to create three-dimensional spaces? Do dazzling lighting displays, unique pieces of furniture or remarkable retail experiences ignite your passion? Consider a career as a commercial or residential interior designer. As a commercial interior designer, you will respond to the ever-changing drivers of commercial environments by designing retail stores and exhibitions, hotels, bars, restaurants, night clubs, workspaces and even the design of online virtual commercial environments. As a residential interior designer, you will have the skills and creativity to respond and adapt to the future challenges of sustainable residential design for 21st century housing, high-rise living, mobile, multi-purpose and adaptive reuse environments.

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