10 October 2017

First stop: Orientation week at the Melbourne Campus

The opportunity given to us by the International Office to study abroad, is a once in a lifetime experience, where you can get an insight into the creative studies from a different perspective and also expand your horizon not only in the creative world of digitalization but also in your life.

To get started, the University offers an orientation week where you get to know the campus, life as a student in Australia and also meet your new classmates. One of my favourite workshop was the „Mindfulness and Resilience Workshop“ which helps you being focused and less stressed while studying here. Billy Blue at Torrens University gives you the best opportunity to make the first steps in an unfamiliar surroundings. Despite learning about the studies you also get a great support of success coaches who are helping you finding yourself prepared for a semester abroad. Feeling homesick, need help with the language, having problems with the new culture and are not quite sure what will expect you the next month? You can be sure there is always a person that will help you making the most out of your time here and feeling comfortable in your environment.

Another point I would like to highlight is the friendliness and helpfulness of all the people in Australia. You will recognize it the very first moment when you step in at Torrens and you will feel home. You will find yourself on the same level with lectures and students. They don’t make a big deal out of it that they actually have a higher position than you do and you can just enjoy having a face to face conversation. A big difference to countries in Europe like Germany where the lectures are more distanced.

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For me it was the best decision to come to Billy Blue at Torrens University. I appreciate the atmosphere at the University and the existing co operation between students and lectures - apart from that, the building itself is a creative place to get inspired. Since started studying here - and even before - I had a lot of motivation to give my best and learn about creative studies from a different perspective and after two weeks I know, that I will get the best support for achieving my goals.

20171010 2