Billy Blue Creative Studio - Our People

30 November 2018

It takes a certain kind of spark to work at Billy Blue Creative. The people behind the ideas that started the roaring fire have been notably prolific in their time in the studio and thereafter.

Let’s get to know our people.

Eric Thompson – Design Director

A practising designer for over 25 years, Eric is committed to interdisciplinary and co-creative design. After owning his own design agency in London for eight years, Eric headed back to New Zealand where he successfully undertook his Masters. He was then urged to take a lecturing position, and this led him into a successful academic career. Eric also has a long and colourful history with motorsport along with print and radio journalism.

Melanie Feddersen — Creative Lead

Melanie was raised by an artist and is obsessed with all things paper. She is passionate about meshing the old, the new and the tactile. She has more than 20 years design experience. After working at HarperCollins Publishers, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Studio Duenk in Amsterdam, she started her own design studio, i2i Design. i2i specialised in design for cultural sectors and won industry awards in these areas.

Jeremy How — Senior Designer

Jeremy learned the term “graphic design” after a stern talk for drawing in class. It sounded much better than sitting quietly in a room memorising facts. Confused with the mix of anger and admiration, Jeremy was eager to learn more... His educational journey weaved through the many forms of design, finding the disruptive design at Billy Blue the most satisfying. Six years studying the craft and four years working, Jeremy is focused on spreading the culture of Billy Blue.

Helen Shrewsbury — Designer

Kicked out of Britain for not liking tea, Helen travelled the world to find a beverage worthy of her taste buds. With a passion for ideas, letterpress and affording food, Helen has gained several years experience in the design industry. Picking up a few awards along the way, including Eat. Drink. Design & Driven X Design Sydney, Helen has found a new place to drink with once-upon-a-time rum smuggler Billy Blue. Cooler than your dad...

Alice Fennell — Designer

Swapping paint roller for digital brush was a natural step for renovator-turned-designer Alice. Always fascinated by colour, light and the feel of spaces, and realising that painting was much quicker (and cleaner) on-screen, Alice developed her love of illustration with a new fascination with the world of graphic design. A Diploma of Design at CATC College of Design and working for a regional NSW studio and art gallery has cemented her appreciation for the arts.

Thanks to those who paved the way before us:

1977 – Aaron Kaplan & Ross Renwick

2003 —Aaron Kaplan, Ross Renwick, Bruce McKenzie, Brian Hutchinson, Mick Thorpe, Bianca De Silva, Kate Ellsworth, Peter Glasson, Abbey McGregor, Goran Momircevski, Andrew Paul, Justin Smith

2010 — Andrew Barnum, Lulu Ruttley, Tim Jackson, Dane Noakes, Rachel Hughes, Frankie Ratford, Gui Andrade, Jaimi Preisz, Robbie Carter, Jessica Pecar, Michael Musa