Blog #2 - Assessment Week by Communication Design International Student Swenja Huners

17 October 2017

unbenannt 8


There is so much happening in and around Melbourne that I would love to write about, will get back to this topic later. But first - we just had our first assessment week in university! Well I can’t resist to write about it as I really love how well it all turned out.

First of all I need to mention a big difference to the university back in my home country so it will be understandable why I am so excited about my exchange in Australia. One point is the structure of the lessons. Back in Germany the assessment is always due to the end to the semester and I think that makes the students less motivated whereas we have a different structure at Billy Blue. I was never that motivated to work on my projects before and I really appreciate having such great support not only from all the people but also in having assessment briefs you can easily follow.

After four weeks we had to present our works in class. This was my first presentation in another language but I wasn’t even nervous at all because there was such a relaxed atmosphere in the room that I felt completely in good hands. Everybody was interested in each project. Our lecture Mel gave helpful feedback but also the students gave good advice. That day we had a guest lecture who was fascinated about the presentations and I know that everybody have given their best performance.

I just want to accentuate the nicely atmosphere in the university and the well structured lessons which are giving the best support to every student and even motivate everybody to put as much effort in their work as they can.

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