Delve into Data Science: Micro-credentials with Billy Blue

13 January 2020

How can micro-credentials help you learn the Data Science essentials?

Have you ever considered studying a micro-credential? These courses are becoming more and more popular for fans of lifelong learning, and they may well be right for you. Our schedules may well be increasingly busy in today’s world, but thanks to the Internet, education has never been more accessible. If you’re fascinated by Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or related fields, take a look at Data Science 1 and Data Science 2, our new micro-credentials – developed in collaboration with IBM.

Why study Data Science?

Early adopters of this rapidly-growing field are going to be among the most employable. Our micro-credentials in this area provide a full overview of the fundamentals and introduce you to all of the concepts you’ll need to know and understand.

Delving deeper, you’ll learn to identify and propose solutions to problems in organisational contexts. You’ll also explore the techniques and get to grips with all the common tools that Data Scientists are currently using to gather and analyse all their data.

Upon completion, you will have highly specialised skills to help prepare you for jobs of the future that may not even exist yet, progress in your current role and fast-track your growth and salary.

Why study a micro-credential with Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia?

Our curriculum has been designed to maximise student engagement and expose you to innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You’ll have the opportunity to try virtual lab-based, experiential learning experiences, and real-world, international applications to connect abstract concepts with concrete examples.

Whether you already have some insight into the topics or you’re a total beginner, our micro-credentials provide a structured approach to a qualification in a short time.

In just 6 weeks of self-directed online study, you can be well on your way to fulfilling your upskilling dreams. A micro-credential is cheaper than studying a degree, and we even have scholarships available.

Our partnership with IBM

We prioritise your employability on a global scale – 9 out of 10 students find a job they love within a year. That’s why we partnered with leading technology company IBM in the creation of these courses.

According to said Eilif Serck-Hanssen, CEO of Laureate International Universities: “Our collaboration with IBM reinforces our commitment to providing accessible quality higher education that leads to attractive employment opportunities for our students around the world.”

And IBM told us: “Building the practical skills to succeed in the AI era is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals and companies around the world. We are collaborating with Laureate to equip students with the tools and technology curriculum they need to become data scientists and help advance AI-powered business solutions and technologies.”

Ready to get involved with something new?

If you’re interested in progressing your career, all the information about our micro-credentials and short courses can be found here.