Don’t Worry, Robots Won’t Take Over The World

07 November 2019

Hidden Powers is an Instagram Live Q&A where our talented Billy Blue lecturers share details of their involvement in the industry, details about their career and all of their insider information on what it is like to teach with us. The latest instalment featured Dr. Shahrzad Saremi and Fawad Zaidi. This time, Shahrzad and Fawad chatted up a storm about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing.

“AI will not take over the world, it will create new jobs for you” – Fawad Zaidi

Fawad is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of Creative Technology for Torrens University Australia. Fawad is also a fellowship holder for postgraduate studies at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Informatics at Saarland University in Germany. What a guy!

So, what insights did he bring? During Hidden Powers, Fawad spoke about his research and commitment to bringing creative technology to the medical industry. He stated that so many industries are using AI to solve problems and, in the medical industry in particular, Virtual Reality (VR) can help teach medical students.

As an example, medical students could use VR to practice surgeries. This would mean that they would no longer have to spend as much time working on the bodies of the recently deceased. While such bodies are so generously donated to science, they can of course be rather unnerving to operate on.

Our other Hidden Powers speaker, Dr. Shahrzad Saremi, is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. Not only does she have a Bachelor of Information Technology, a Master of Interaction Design, and a PhD in Computer Science, she has also published more than 20 journal articles and currently works as a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Billy Blue. What a woman!

Shahrzad is currently researching AI, machine learning, optimisation and human computer interaction. As she said on Hidden Powers: “AI plays an important role in our lives and makes our lives easier”. How great is that? There’s no need to be afraid of the future, just bring forth the robots who can feed us grapes as we lounge on the couch watching Netflix.

Missed the live broadcast? Have no fear! If you want to learn more about creative technology, maybe it’s time to seriously consider its role in your future career. We have an array of courses available, where you can learn about many of the things discussed on Instagram. This includes topics such as AI and Cloud Computing. At Billy Blue, we can also provide insight into the industry in Australia and the jobs currently out there.

Here’s a sneak peak of what Fawad says about the Software Engineering courses he helped to create: “Industry experts, academics and researchers were at the same table to create a fantastic course for today’s students. This use of such an informed and innovative blend is unique to Billy Blue at Torrens”.

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