Human Centred Design for Software Engineers: Micro-credentials with Billy Blue

13 January 2020

Are you interested in studying a micro-credential? These courses are a hot topic right now as more and more people seek career development without having to put their work on hold. Billy Blue College of Design offers an accessible range of different micro-credentials to suit busy professionals and professionals-to-be. If you’re working in the field with software, Human Centred Design – Software Engineering 1 may be for you.

What is human centred design?

It may sound obvious, but when creating anything for human use, you really need to take the human perspective into account. Human-centred design helps you to focus more on the users using design elements that will make your systems more useful to them. In turn, this increases satisfaction and is an ultimately more successful approach.

What does this micro-credential cover?

This micro-credential looks at introducing traditional design concepts into a software engineering context. In particular, it explores many of the non-technical aspects of software development, taking into account human behaviour and interactions and how they affect technology.

In this micro-credential, you’ll grasp psychological aspects of humanity, and consider everything from creativity to ethics. The human mind is absolutely fascinating, and when studying through a technological lens, it’s even more interesting.

How will human-centred design help me as a Software Engineer?

When studying this micro-credential, you’ll use your existing knowledge and specialised skills in software engineering to help create innovative solutions to some of the problems facing societies and the everyday humans within them.

You’ll be on the forefront when it comes to synthesising theoretical models of human knowledge and investigating moral philosophy to learn about real-world ethical actions that will help people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. In other words, the course will help you make a difference.

Why should you study this micro-credential with Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia?

Our 6-week online course is fully self-directed, meaning that you will be able to manage your workload at the same time as your studies. Our micro-credentials are fully stackable, which means that if you want to build upon your studies at a later date, you may use our micro-credentials as part of a higher qualification.

Plus, we also offer corporate packages to be integrated within workplace training programs.


All course information – including costs, details about scholarships and start dates – can be found here.