Introducing: Micro-credentials at Billy Blue

13 January 2020

The emergence of micro-credentials is making learning easier – but what are they? And how can they help you fit studying into your busy life?

Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia offers an exciting range of short courses and micro-credentials – mini qualifications that can help you to get started or upskill in your field (or field of interest), fast. They take less time to complete than a degree or diploma, and can be studied flexibly, making them an attractive choice for today’s working professional.

What are the benefits of micro-credentials?

If you’ve always wanted to learn a particular discipline in more detail, approach something you have less experience with that would greatly benefit your role or simply take a structured approach to studying a topic that interests you, a micro-credential may be for you. Over just six weeks, you’ll build your skills and knowledge in areas such as Software Security, Data Science and Human Centered Design.

If you have a busy schedule and a demanding career already, this will be welcome news. You can study flexibly and in your own time, and since learning is self-directed and all done online, you probably won’t feel the need to take time off work. This way, micro-credentials are attractive to employers as well – you could even speak to management about the possibility of undertaking micro-credentials as part of your personal development, funded by your company.

Even if you aren’t working, micro-credentials can give you a competitive edge. They demonstrate a desire to progress or even get your foot on the ladder outside of your existing qualifications. Perhaps you already have a working knowledge of a particular area, but nothing to back up your claims? Micro-credentials offer the perfect way to validate your subject specialism in a cost-effective way, to give you the recognition you deserve.

Why study micro-credentials with Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia?

Our micro-credentials have been designed with you – and today’s modern industry – in mind. Not only are they all online, they’re fully mobile optimised to make them easy to work one wherever you may be. We’ve recruited experts in their field to deliver these courses, so you can trust that they’re always reviewed to be fully up-to-date and ahead of the curve. With the very nature of many of our subjects, this is especially important, and our micro-credentials allow you to become an early adopter of a particular specialism.

We understand that learning should be a lifelong journey, no matter what stage you’re at, and our micro-credentials support this notion. Our courses are “stackable”, which means that you can take your time and just do one for now, but at a later date, you could come back and use what you’ve learned towards a higher qualification.

For example, if you take two micro-credentials, such as Data Science 1 and Data Science 2, this could potentially credits into the Graduate Certificate of Software Engineering. Then, completing any of our micro-credentials can credit into: Graduate Certificate of Software Engineering, Graduate Diploma of Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligence OR Cloud Computing) or the Master of Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligence OR Cloud Computing).

Note: recognition for prior learning will need formal academic approval


If you want to bridge your skills gap, get in touch to find out about our range of micro-credentials. Alternatively, if you’re an employer who believes that our micro-credentials could benefit your team, we’d love to discuss tailoring a package to your needs.