Introducing the optimists, rule breakers and world changers

19 August 2020

This September Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia showcases the work of their fearless graduates at the online INTRO 2020 Graduate Exhibition.

Traditionally INTRO is a one night face-to-face exhibition on campus in each capital city. This year it is bigger and better because this celebration of graduates’ work is moving online. The scope has been expanded to optimise industry exposure in Australia and internationally.

INTRO is a perfect way to create and foster connections and future proof careers by enabling participants to network directly on the site. The works of each exhibiting graduate remains on the INTRO platform for an entire year providing a unique opportunity to start conversations and fast track connections with industry. The online platform promises a market square where innovative, intrepid interns, project collaborators or design team juniors can be discovered over time.

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The perfect intern, is there, if not for right now – some time in the future. Lifelong connections are made at INTRO – not only with industry – but also among peers and participants.

Previous student exhibitors say one of the most valuable aspects of INTRO is the immediate feedback during the exhibition which serves to motivate and provide the confidence boost they seek as they consider their next steps into the industry they love. Jac Forster and Solly Memetoglu are Billy Blue College of Design graduates who exhibited at INTRO 2019 and scored job offers on the night.

“They just saw my graduation work and they were like ‘Okay we want you’ and boom I started two weeks later,” said Solly of his job offer with Pounce Marketing, where he is currently working as an illustrator.

Sugartorium" by Solly Memetoglu

Jac was offered a freelance typeface project from her work on display, which in turn led to her current role at Neolite. “We work with a lot of typography so when I showed them this project they were really interested,” Jac says. She acknowledges it was her freelance work with Pounce which set her apart when she was being considered at Neolite.

Jac Forster's "Starline Tours" typeface

Elih Odgers and Katy Brown are Billy Blue College of Design Bachelor of Communication Design students. They’re leading the team behind this year’s identity design and rollout. The design process initially took place in a major project live brief class facilitated by lecturer, Tim Jetis. The opportunity to pitch for this project and work towards tight deadlines is an experience they’re both grateful for. They’re being mentored by Billy Blue Creative studio.

“Having a real client, the parameters of a brief, being accountable for each of the tasks along the way, in addition to great ideas are all part of the learning experience. They’re collaborating with people, they’re developing their soft skills whilst seeing how creative projects work in a real life situation.”

Mel Feddersen, Creative Lead and Billy Blue Creative Studio Manager says a live brief encapsulates all of those processes – “it’s incredibly rich. It’s the best practice that they can get before actually landing in the industry.” 

Katy appreciates the understanding the experience is giving her as she gains insight into “how quickly you need to get on top of things to make a project successful and come to life.’

According to Elih their winning design celebrates their student voice and reframes what this year of INTRO means to them. Their design takes nostalgia from the past and shows how they’re going to innovate and lead something new in the future.

This showcases emerging talent to the world and unleashes their potential. They’re more visible than ever before! INTRO 2020 is the place to be seen and remembered…who knows what may come from this spotlight as they grow their reputation amongst peers and industry.

For the Billy Blue College of Design graduates eligible to exhibit, the event provides a phenomenal opportunity for students to make industry connections, enhance their visibility and presence, and share their work in a professional, industry centric format where their talent, innovation and skills are showcased to future employers. For the college, the ultimate aim is to ensure each graduate is employable – and what better way is there to get them started.

Billy Blue College of Design is one of Australia’s best known hands-on practice based schools that is recognised for it’s extremely high graduate employment rate across a variety of design disciplines. It ensures that its branded fashioncommunication designdigital media design and interior design students are connected to industry. The curriculum is industry-driven and delivered by designers for future designers. Underpinning the INTRO 2020 event is Billy Blue’s commitment to ensure graduates have the best opportunities to achieve career goals.

INTRO 2020 launches with an exciting online broadcast Friday 4 September at 6pm via the online platform and will include some very special International and National keynote speakers to enjoy in between sampling the showcase of work.

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